As I was sharing with you yesterday I have been commissioned to paint a Quilt Square to be put on the side of a barn. Well, It’s been started. Yesterday I did the measuring and with a pencil I was able to draw the lines to be able to paint within the lines. {Whew!! That was a lot of words!!}

Anyway….. Long story short. I have no pictures to post tonight…well at least of the Quilt Square since it’s nowhere near finished. Kevin brought me home some different colors in paint this evening so I’ll be able to work on it again tomorrow. Finish it in fact!! On Friday we will take it to the homeowner’s to be put on the side of their barn. It’s been a lot of fun and a little out of my comfort zone. Which is always a good thing!!


Tomorrow I will have that picture of the Square and will post it right here!!  


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