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Simple gifts that mean so much!


My sweet friend Jessica made this Simple gift for my granddaughter as an Easter gift. Please have a look at Jessica’s blog post.


Simple gifts that mean so much!


Giving it Another Go!!


I’m going to give it another go with my blog. Think I can do it? I’m going to be challenging myself. Please help me be challenged. I will be posting my projects. Others projects. Tips. Techniques. Tutorials. Whatever catches my eye in the world or paper crafting. So, please hop on board and ride along with me for an adventure I hope I can keep up with this time around!!

Happy STAMPtember!!


It’s STAMPtember!!
So… It’s STAMPtember, 2013. What do YOU have planned? I vote to THINK OUTSIDE OF YOUR BOX! Learn a new stamping technique. Use a traditional stamp in an untraditional way. In the coming days I will post some stamping techniques that are some of my favorites. And maybe a few that I will be learning right along with you!!
So check back to my blog every few days in the month of STAMPtember and have some fun with me!

I’ll start of the month with a stamping technique that is one of my favorite! Heat embossing…..
You will need a heat tool (aka…heat gun), a rubber stamp of your choice (my pick was a happy birthday stamp), a Versamark ink pad (or any embossing ink pad), and some embossing powder.

Stamp your image with the Versamark ink. Pour some embossing powder onto the stamped image. Shake off the excess back into your bottle. Using your heat gun heat the powder until you can see that it’s melted. Let cool. It’s a wonderful look. Very elegant but also just a cool look.



Way too Long!!


Hello All! Been way too long since I’ve written on my blog. There’s been a lot going on in our personal life lately. Between my in-laws, our daughter and son-in-law’s first child due within the next month or so, and trying to keep up with the home front…it’s been a bit crazy around here to say the least!

Even with all that….I’m still creating! Here are a few things I’ve been doing lately.

DSCN9697  The outside of my new Art Journal…


DSCN9696  My newest Art Journal pages.   DSCN9694 And another 2-page spread.


Me… doodling and “playing” with letters.


DSCN9692  My “name/title” page..



NOT paper crafting related but….. Tie dying. I’ll sell some t-shirts someday….

So…there are some of the art work I’ve been working on.
Enjoy!! Hugs, Nanette






My first Art Journal attempt.


This my very first attempt at an Art Journal. I actually like how it turned out. Now I’m NOT an artist…but the bee kinda looks like a bee.

DSCN9238      DSCN9239

I plan on doing some more pages soon. This is what I’ve been working on lately.

I’ve had quite the busy weekend. Friday my cat had kittens. Only one survived.

And on Saturday afternoon I was walking up our front porch stairs and underneath the top step there was a good size hornets nest. Well I disturbed them. Yes, you can imagine what happened next. My first art journal pages was all about my bee experience. That’s right. I got stung. Not once or even twice but seven times. So after watching myself get more and more hives Kevin ran me off to the ER. Spent a couple hours there with the docs + nurses pumping Benadryl and Pepcid through an IV. Not a fun thing let me tell you. I’m doing much better. Still taking some Benadryl. But other than a few red blotches here + there I’m almost completely healed.

So there’s my wonderfully, crazy, a little scary weekend.

Scrapbook Expo 2013 (7/12/13)


Sorry for my absence but it’s been a few busy, busy days. But let me tell you about one of those days!!!

Last Friday {the 12th} 3 ladies and myself went to Duluth, GA to the Scrapbook  Expo. It was wonderful!! We left town at 8 a.m. A bit too early for me…. but you know it all worked out.

On our way...Scrapbook Expo 2013  Here we are…. after we prayed for safe travels… we snapped this picture and headed south! l to r: Sue Miller, me, Pam LiBasci and Jessica LiBasci, driver. Thanks to Jessica’s parents we were able to use her mom’s car to drive to the Expo.

We got there by 10 a.m. Got our wrist band, signed up for door prizes!!!, and headed into the Expo. WhooHoo!!
For me the first booth I wanted to stop at was … you guessed it … Jenni Bowlin’s booth. Last year her husband was there holding down the booth w/ her oldest boy.. but this year…………

Me and Jenni Bowlin Scrapbook Expo 2013  SHE WAS THERE!!! I cannot express to you how excited I was/am that she was there and I got to meet her. Some of you may be wondering “who is Jenni Bowlin?” Well she designs a line of scrapbooking supplies.  Her products are sold in major and local scrapbooking and papercrafting stores. She is a “celebrity scrapbooker” to me!! Her entire family was there this year. It was wonderful meeting her.


After a great time shopping, getting ideas and enjoying the people watching we loaded up and headed to Ikea in downtown Atlanta. When I get some pictures from Jessica I will show y’all those, too.

To finish off this post I will leave you with a little goofiness…
Me in a box at Scrapbook Expo 2013  Love this picture!! Just having some fun at the Scrapbook Expo!!

night all.